A work precipitated by sheer boredom. After retirement and inability to find another job, I began reading the sites about reloading. Most of them are forums. Some of them are very good forums but the forum format makes it very hard to find anything.

I decided to organize and publish 50 years of experience, experiments, and notes in a format that makes sense to me.

We will cover reloading of center fire rifle and handgun cartridges. We will talk about brass cartridge cases, large and small primers, single and double base smokeless powder, bullets, of all types, commercial jacketed, home swaged jacketed bullets, commercial and home cast cast bullets. with and without gas checks. Unfortunately for some who come upon this site, there will be no mention of reloading shot shells.

 There is noting wrong with reloading shot gun shells,  when I was younger and shooting trap and skeet I personally cranked out about a zillion 12, 20, and .410 ga shells. I started with one and eventually used three MEC 650s. I loved every minute of it, both the loading and the unloading. For no logical reason I just lost interest. I have not loaded a shotgun shell since about 1975 and doubt if I will ever load another.

We will discuss reloading equipment, single stage and progressive presses, dies, case trimmers, case reamers, case neck turners, miscellaneous hand tools and gadgets. Homemade tools and gadgets. Powder handling equipment and scales. We will discuss bullet swaging and casting equipment as well as sizing and lubricating dies and machines.

We will discuss the use and misuse of all this equipment.



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