Crimping Jacketed Bullets in Rifle Cartridges



Remington .223 Rem. Commercial.
.223 Remington Commerical Head Stamp
Note that the primer is not crimped. as indeed it should not be crimped in a commercial, non military cartridge.

What constitutes a proper jacket bullet crimp?

First note that the bullet bullet has a crimping grove.

You can zoom in on that crimp by holding down the control key and rolling your mouse wheel. You can open the image to the max by clicking on it.

Measurements:Jacketed Bullet Crimp

Cartridge neck diameter just below the crimp. .2468 to .24700
Crimp diameter inside the crimp impressions. .2439 to .2441
Bullet Diameter immediately above the bullet crimp ring. .2228 to .2230




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