Bullet Mold Cavities

Bullet Mold Warm Up

Break In


Start with a brand new Lee six cavity mold.

Degrease with Berryman's B-12 ( twice )

Degrease with 409 and hot water ( twice more )

Heat the alloy to 725 to 740 degrees. Flux with paraffin.

Note that at this temperature, the paraffin will self-ignite. I use this as my primary temperature control. If the flux fumes do not self ignite, the alloy is not hot enough.

Normally in this procedure, I fill and dump the mold as fast as possible without inspecting the bullets until they begin to look well formed. I am careful to pour as large a sprue puddle as possible because this extra melted alloy adds significant heat to the mold. This usually takes about eight to ten fillings.

For this experiment, the pace was significantly slower than normal due to rounding up and segregating the bullets from each filling so I could identify them later. The pace was approximately one minute per filling.

Each filling produced six bullets. I attempted to chose the "average" bullet for the group.



Mold WarmupCast No. 1 Completely cold mold.









Mold Warmup 2Cast No. 2



Mold Warmup 3Cast No. 3

Mold Warmup 3

Cast No.4

Mold Warmup 5
Cast No. 5

Mold Warmup 6

Cast No. 6

Mold Warmup 7

Cast No. 7

Mold Warmup 8

Cast No. 8

Mold Warmup 8
Cast No. 9

Mold Warmup 10

Cast No. 10

Mold Warmup 11

Cast No. 11

Mold Warmup 12

Cast No. 12

Mold No 13

Cast No. 13

Mold Warmup 14

Cast No. 14

Mold Warmup 15
Cast No. 15

Mold No. 16
Cast No.  16

Mold Warmup 17Cast No. 17

Mold Warmup 18

Cast No. 18

Mold Warmup 19

Cast No. 19

Mold Warmup 20

Cast No. 20


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