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Cast Boolits   
A question and answers forum covering everything you ever wanted to know ( and a lot of stuff you didn't know you wanted to know ) about casting or swaging your own bullets.
The Hand Loaders Bench  "We deal in lead friend." 
A questions and answers forum dedicated to all facets of loading and reloading metallic cartridges and shot gun shells includes black powder metallic cartridges.
  Los Angeles Silhouette Club Home Page
Los Angeles Silhouette Club Index of Articles
This is THE single best site on the web for shooters of all kinds but especially for those who cast their own bullets.

  Index of YouTube videos for reloaders and shooters.
  Index, Guide to Recommended Videos
Yjese are excellent videos prepared by people who know what they are doing.
  Index, Guide to Discouraged Videos.
These videos may lead beginners in to trouble and in some cases actual danger.
  Index, Guide to Discouraged Sites.
Sites propagating information that is misleading, wrong, or in some cases dangerous.




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