Lee Liquid Alox Bullet Lube

Lee Liquid Alox Lube (Relube)

About a year ago, two things happened, I bought my first lee mold and I bought a Kimber 1911 Target Model in 9mm.

I didn't have a suitable 9mm mould so I bought 2,000 9mm bullets in four styles, from three different "Highly Recommended" "Hard Cast" bullet merchants. They all had colorful, very hard lube. They all produced the worst leading I have seen in my entire reloading career. Literally 10 rounds would make the bore look like a stovepipe. Surprisingly these loads produced no lube stars at the muzzle. ( 5" 1911 )

I also cast some new SWCs with my new at the time Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Mold TL358-158-SWC and lubed them with the new to me LLA 100% LLA heavy enough to turn the bullets brown. I tested them in my 12" TC with 8x scope. at 50 yards, the accuracy was phenomenal at .38 special velocities of 770 fps to .357 velocities up to 1600fps ( Don't forget 12 inch barrel )

They produced zero leading. This means that after 50 rounds and two passes with a dry bore mop to get rid of powder residue and dust, I could not visually notice any leading with a bore light.

I then tried some of the 9mm bullets in the TC. The leading was phenomenal. Again there was no lube star. I thought about relubing them but just didn't want to fool with removing the hard lube. Then I had a brain storm. I tumbled them in the 100% LLA and tried them with the same loads. That little 124 grain RNFP produced 1" groups at 50 yards with ZERO leading.

After tumbling the other "Hard Cast" bullets, they all shot just fine and produced no leading in either my 1911 9mm, my S&W m19, or my 12" TC.

Well, I still had 50 fairly hot .38 loads with the 147 gr RNFP and only the dysfunctional hard lube. I was not eager to either pull them or shoot them. Another brain storm. I diluted the LLA 50% with Mineral Spirits, poured it into a shallow paper cup, like the ones nurses use to hand you little pills. I adjusted the depth so that when I dipped a loaded round into the dish bullet first, the entire exposed part of the bullet was coated. I set them bullet down to dry. Next trip to the range I was rewarded with perfectly functional and accurate 38s. ( This was my first use of diluted LLA )

Now back to the Lee 2-Cavity Bullet Mold TL358-158-SWC. Over time I single lubed, double lubed, lubed before and after sizing etc, etc. Nothing made any difference. The lube worked, It worked every time, it consistently produces a lube star on the muzzle of my 12" Thompson contender. It consistently prevents leading in all the handguns listed above.

My current formula is approximately 40/60 LLA/mineral spirits. I size the bullets dry, then tumble them in a zip lock bag. The coating is very thin. It is barely visible and does not turn the bullet brown. I use approximately two teaspoons of this thin mixture in a one quart zip lock bag to cover approximately 250 bullets.


50/50 Beeswax/Alox has always and continues to solve every cast bullet lubrication need I have ever encountered with plain base bullets at velocities from 600 to 2200 fps. I have never seen any need for gas checks up to 2200fps.

LLA, despite its detractors, when used with properly sized Lee tumble lube bullets or as a supplement to conventional lube on properly sized conventional bullets will do an excellent job.


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