Winchester .30-30 Brass


I was in need of some well matched .30-30 cases for accuracy testing. All my cases at the time were range pickups. I had sorted the range pickups by head stamps and was getting very good accuracy but reached the point I wanted to get obsessive.


A good friend mentioned that he had three or four boxes of Winchester cases but no longer had a .30-30 so he would send them to me.

When I received them, I was pleased to see that they were not only all Winchester, they were all exactly the same Winchester head stamp and looked brand new.

I decided to weigh them and was amazed at the consistency.

Weight Gr. Number Cases
125 2
126 1
127 0
128 2
129 3
130 6
131 24
132 26
133 2

This gave me 50 cases that weigh between 131.0 and 132.9 grains. I actually sorted them out into boxes of 20 at 131 grains, 20 at 132 grains, and 10 at 131-132 grains. The others will be used for foulers and sighters.




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