BTSniper vs CH Swage Die

BT Sniper

One Step .44 Cal Hollow Point

Swage Die


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BT sniper One Step Hollow Point Swaging Die

This is not an actual company, just an individual making and selling bullet swaging dies. His only access point is on the cast bullets forum at:

He does not really make the dies from scratch. He buys dies from CH Tool and Die Company and considerably improves them.

CH Tool and Die Company is an Old-Line manufacturer of reloading equipment. Their web URL is There is no direct link to their swaging section so you must go to their home page and click on the "Bullets" link in the "Products" menu. They have been making reloading tools and equipment since at least 1960.

BTSniper sends samples along with the die set. Beginning at 12 O'clock and proceeding clockwise:

  1. Sample can of bullet swaging lubricant. ( Sample is a bit misleading here. That is enough to make 10,000 or more bullets. )

  2. Package contains:

    1. Pre formed jackets ready for you to use.

    2. Sample cast bullet cores.

    3. Finished bullets with two point styles.

  3. Proof bullet. Lead swaged bullet with no jacket to show the exact shape and dimensions of the die.

  4. Step 2 Sample bullet with core seated and nose formed

  5. Step 1 Sample bullet with core seated before forming the nose.

  6. .44 caliber base punch.

  7. Various sample bullets, handgun and rifle.

The good news is that this is an excellent die. It is an improvement over the CH dies. It does with one die what the CH system requires two dies to do.


The bad news is that they come with no instructions. If you don't already know how to swage bullets, you must learn the tricks of the trade by reading the various postings on the Cast Boolits web site.  If you are curious and want to see the process through the eyes of a beginner, this is an excellent URL:



BTSniper Die vs CH Die
Comparison of the BTSniper Die ( Left) and the CH Tool and Die die ( right ). The graphic shows only one of the dies in the CH tool two die set.

Note the BTSniper has modified the lock nuts to include a set screw. The CH lock nuts can be locked in the press when you are swaging but when you remove them from the press, they are subject to lose your adjustment settings. With the BT Sniper dies, you can lock the lock nuts and save your adjustments.

CH Die Hollow Point PunchA close up photo of the hollow point punch of the CH die shows significantly less attention to detail than the following image of the BTSniper improved hollow point punch

BTSniper Hollow Point PunchA close up photo of the hollow point punch of the BTSniper die shows significantly more attention to detail than the above image of the CH Tool and Die hollow point punch.



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