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9mm 125gr .356 RN


Revised 2010-08-18

Product Description:

SNS Casting features four of Magma Engineerings Mark VIII casters and two Lube Master luber/sizers fitted with M-A Systems Collaters. Our lead is a certified factory alloy of 92% lead 6% antimony and 2% tin, which is purchased in 44,000 lb. lots to ensure consistent quality. The lube we use is Magma blue lube.

38/357125 Gr Flat Point Shipping Weight 19 Lbs. Box of 1000 Sized at .358 can be sized at .356 for 9mm

The tested product was the .356 version for the 9mm

Mold Magma 38S-125-RN-BB
Average weight 124 grains +/1 1gr
Diameter .3564
Lube Magma Blue

Firearms used IN testing:

  1. 9mm Kimber 1911 Target Model.
  2. 9mm Kimber Aegis
  3. Thompson Contender ;357 magnum
  4. Smith and Wesson M19-3 .357 Magnum.

Quantity tested 500.

These bullets performed admirably in all respects. Feeding was flawless in both the 1911s. Accuracy was very good and no leading was encountered with any of the firearms tested.

The first load tested was 4gr Unique. Shot Ok but did not cycle the slide in the Kimber Target Model.

Changed to 4.2 gr. Accurate No.2. This load worked so good I am still using it. It has become my current favorite 9mm load. Accuracy is good 1.5 to 2 inches at 15 yards and 2.5 to three inches at 25 yards with the factory sights.

There is no leading.

In the .38 Special with 4.2 grains of Bullseye, accuracy was good at 25 yards producing nice round 2.5 inch groups in the Model 19 ( six inch barrel ) This load did produce minimal leading. Minimal means you could see it but it would not interfere with accuracy for at least 200 rounds.

In the .357 Magnum, 5 grains Unique produced one inch groups at 25 yards from the Thompson Contender with 8x Weaver. and  1.5 to  2 inch groupings at 15 yards from the S&W Model 19. Zero leading













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