Lee 2 cavity mold c-309-170-f

Lee Two Cavity Bullet Mold

.30 Caliber  C-309-170-F



I bought this mold to shoot cast bullets in the .30-30. This mold required no "Leementing". It cast perfect bullets right out of the box ( after a single degreasing with 409 ) as soon as it warmed up.

I started with the mold at ambient temperature for October,  about 75 degrees F.
Pot temperature was about 700 degrees and the alloy was 100% clip on wheel weights. In my normal fashion,  I started casting fast and dumping the bullets in my sprue catcher. In about a minute and a half, I had filled the mold and dumped it 9 times. By this time, the sprue was completely liquid when I pulled the mold away from the bottom pour spout.  It took about one more second to begin to solidify and about five seconds to frost over. At this point I start dumping the bullets on my pad. Surprisingly, they were perfect. I usually have to degrease two or three times to get perfect bullets but these came immediately.

When I have a really good session going, I assume I am going to get 25% rejects. I wanted 300 good bullets so I cast 375 before putting the mold away.  After cooling, I take these bullets to the loading bench where I can inspect them comfortably with good, non glaring, light. Out of the 375 bullets, I had 344 keepers. That is much better than average performance for any mold in my hands.

The bullets were of average roundness. They measured 0.3109 to .3122 in diameter. This was the range of six different diameters on 10 different bullets.

The most amazing thing was the weights. I weigh rifle bullets into groups by one grain increments. For example bullets weighing 170.0 to 170.9 go into the 170 grain group. Bullets weighing 171.0 to 171.9 go into the 171 grain group. With bullets of this weight, I expect a three to four grain range with a very few one or two grains outside that range.

I was looking for bullets weighing from 168 to 172 grains. That was not what I got.

Of the 344 keepers, 279 were in the 172 grain group, 65 were in the 171 grain group, and not a single bullet weighed less than 171.0. Not a single bullet weighed more than 172.9 grains.

I am assuming this was a fluke. I don't expect to be able to duplicate it with this mold or any other.

The gas check shank measures .279 to .282 in diameter and is .10 in length. Hornady gas checks have an inside diameter of .382 to .385 and do not "seat" as one would expect. They simply fall off. They do seem to be firmly seated after sizing to .311 with the Lee push through sizing die.

The first batch was lubed with Lee Liquid Alox.




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