Lyman Crusher II

Reloading Press


Revised 2011-09-03

Lyman Crusher Single Stage Reloading Press

Lyman states 

"The big O frame of the Crusher II press can handle the toughest reloading jobs and the largest magnums with ease.

Our new Crusher II is the ideal press for reloading both rifle and pistol cartridges. The Crusher starts with a 1" diameter ram, compound linkage and a 4 1/2" press opening, which makes even the largest magnum cartridges easy to load. Its classic "O" frame design takes all standard 7/8" x 14 dies. The Crusher II is equipped with hardened and ground linkage pins and retaining rings for a smooth and tight operation. The new base design has 14 square inches of "machined flat" surface area with 3 mounting bolt holes (vs. 2 slots for Rock ChuckerT) for perfect rigid mounting. Unlike competitive models, the Crusher's ball handle mounts for either right or left-handed operation. "

This thing appears to be a bear of a press. It is big. It is heavy. It is steel. It has a one inch ram that is tightly fitted and has no play but operates easily. The handle can be mounted either right or left. The actual useable frame opening is 4 1/4 inches. The ram takes up 1/4 inch of that opening even at the bottom of the stroke.

The three mounting holes seemed to be over kill at first but in use, perhaps they are a good idea.


Well made, strong, big, heavy, excellent finish. The ram fits perfectly with no wobble.



The priming arm is completely traditional and quickly becomes clogged with spent primers during the resizing operation.

The primer catcher is really a joke. Pathetic. It will not stay "locked" in place. It will not catch primers reliably and it is impossible to remove and empty without spilling at least a half a hand full of primers on the floor. When it has been removed, and emptied, there will still be spent primers hiding in various crooks and crannies.

This press appears to be very big and strong. It is.  It weighs 16 and one quarter pounds. Unfortunately, strong is not the criteria by which we measure a reloading press. Mechanical advantage is critical and the Lyman has a mechanical advantage of only about 18 to one. This is measured only during the final 1/2 inch of ram travel.

I noticed immediately that full length resizing of even small cases - .223 and .38-55 was quite difficult. At first I thought something was not lubed adequately but a quick review proved that was not the case. 


This is a large heavy and very strong press. Unfortunately it does not offer much leverage. You better be prepared to really weigh down on that handle to full length resize rifle cases. You best have a very stable bench. I expect this is the reason for the extra mounting hole.

This press cannot be recommended due to the low leverage.












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