Monarch .357 Magnum 158 Grain Semi Jacketed Hollow Point

Monarch .357 Magnum 158 grain semi jacketed hollow point.

Monarch .357 Magnum.
158 grain semi jacketed hollow point

This was the first box of Monarch Ammo I ever bought.

It is manufactured by:

Ammunition factory Prvi Partizan is situated in southwestern part of Serbia, in town Uzice, 200 km away from Belgrade, the capital. PPU has been producing ammunition for 80 years now, since 1928, when its founded. PPU has supplied Serbian Army and Police, many foreign Armies and it also produces hunting and sporting ammunition, that is being sold all over the world. The factory has four production facilities, employs more than 600 workers and it takes important part in economy of its region.

See their web site at:

I have fired 100 rounds.
I find it to be somewhat lightly loaded although the published ballstics indicate it is really hot. It neither feels or sounds like a real .357 magnum load and the primers are not flattened at all.

The manufacturer claims 490 mps from a ten inch barrel. That is over 1600 fps. I managed to find a load for the Contender 10" that duplicates that velocity but at a pressure that I would not want to use regularly in a revolver. Working backward from that Contender load, I estimate about 1300 fps from a 4" revolver.

The cases appear to be very good. Wall thickness is much more uniform than most cases I have measured.

I have seen claims on the web that these are steel cases. Not so. Mine are brass. They resize very easily, leading me further to believe they are a light load. Six cases eject from my Smith and Wesson model 19 with no more effort than normal .38 special loads.

Case weights vary about 2.5 grains and wall thickness about 0.003" This is not match quality but it is very good - as good or slightly better than Winchester.

It is very accurate.

12" Thompson Contender with 6X scope produces 0.75 to 1.25 inch groups at twenty five yards. Best five shot group measured 0.65 inch. At 50 yards, I get 2.0 to 3.0 inch five shot groups with the Contender Average about 2.5".

6" Smith and Wesson Model 19 at 25 yards Smallest 1.75 inch, largest 3.0 inches. For reference, My best reloads from the same Smith went into 1.50 inches that day.

Winchester 130 gr fmj .38 Special ammo averaged 2.0 inches at 25 yards from the CONTENDER.




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