Winchester Super X .38-55 Ammo.

Winchester Super X 38-55 255 gr soft point
MV 1340 fps
ME 986 FP

This is very well made ammo.

The case weight varies from 141 to 143 grains.
That is =/- 0.7 % from the average.

Length varies from .005 to .010 les than maximum and head diameter .003 to .006 less than maximum.

Wall thickness is spectacularly uniform ranging from .08 to .09 around the mouth of a single case and the same across ten cases measured.

They are loaded to very low pressure. Some of the primers are actually concave from the blow of the firing pin and none of them show any pressure signs at all. The pressure is not great enough to burn all the powder. Powder falls out of the case and into the action when ejecting the spent shell casing

In two out of twenty, powder remained in the chamber after firing and became embedded in the wall of the next round fired. This does no harm but I would expect them to use a powder better suited to the cartridge / load.

I fired these in a brand new Winchester Ballard 1885. After sighting in I had just five rounds left and they went into a four inch circle at 50 yards.

I am sure groups will improve as I become used to the tang sight. ( There is no way I am going to mount a scope on this rifle. ) I will never really know its real accuracy potential.




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